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Good Art HLYWD, which originates from Los Angeles, was founded in 1990. It is a silverware brand owned by the founder and sole technician Josh Warner. A piece of silverware requires a month to be cast, then polished and polished (complex pieces may take a year to make), and the quantity of each item and model is also very rare, with some only limited to 14 pieces. . Showing it in such a limited form is not so much a commercial strategy to deliberately "make things rare and valuable", but rather a result of the attitude of the craftsman and the temperament of the artist.

From a closer look, the key to why Good Art HLYWD is so unique is its style, raw material manufacturing methods, and emphasis on ergonomics and mechanical mechanics. First of all, it is a brand that is proud of the "spirit of American craftsmanship". It mainly reproduces the classic American style with full taste, but also injects a little bit of Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetic concept into it. The Rosette flower pattern that is the focus of the brand, it is not difficult to find that it has a little bit of the chrysanthemum heraldry style of the Edo period, reflecting Josh Warner's special liking for Japanese culture.

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